Short Movie

48.000 Names

Short Movie

48.000 Names

Why 48.000 Names

The European borders are the deadliest in the world. More than 48.000 people have lost their lives on their way to Europe, trying to reach safety and dignity. MiGreat reached out to us to record this story and film the graveyard monument they had created to raise public awareness for this European drama.


A story that touches the heart and soul of humanity. Have we lost our minds? 


48.000 Names has won many awards at film festivals around the world and contributed successfully to raise public awareness for this humanitarian drama in Europe.

The Team

Roos Ykema

Migration is a human right. For more information about MiGreat see their website

Roel Swierenga

Director Hansa Green Tour with a passion for sustainability and film productions

Martijn Heemstra
director of photoGraphy

Professional photography, video and drone footage